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Baby Raptor Dinosaur for Birthday Parties in Metro Atlanta


Dinosaur Birthday Party Options:

Baby Dinosaur Birthday Party Visit $325  (Recommended for younger kids)

Our Dino Ranger will bring Rosie the Baby Raptor Puppet to visit at your child's birthday party for 1 hour


High quality replica fossils

Dinosaur Sand Dig 

Dinosaur Party Game

Gift for the Birthday Child

Photo Opportunity and visit our baby raptor puppet


Dinosaur Party Entertainment

So exciting! Roxy the T-Rex is one big Jurassic Princess! She and her little friend our Baby Raptor are the newest members of the Mystical Parties Entertainment family.  

Both children and adults love dinosaurs! Now, you don't have to go to the major Florida parks to meet a realistic walking T-Rex dinosaur or a Baby Raptor. We come to you! Mystical Parties is located in Woodstock GA and we travel all over Metro Atlanta

If you're looking for the best company for realistic walking dinosaurs for birthday parties, community and corporate events in the Atlanta area, then you have found the right place! We know exactly what it takes to make your child's special day even more special. If you and your child loves dinosaur party entertainment, this is most certainly a perfect fit!

No matter what type of birthday party entertainment or special event you have in mind, Mystical Parties has exactly what you are looking for. From the Dinosaur Ranger and Dinosaur Trainer to the exciting dinosaur party games, you will be nothing short of amazed when you rent a dinosaur as your kids party entertainment.


We have many entertainers to choose from for your corporate event or birthday party, try face painting and balloon twisting

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