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Together We Shine

What is Together We Shine?


At each city on our tour, we host a unique private event called Together We Shine, exclusively for children with special needs, health issues and foster children.


These deserving recipients receive free Wish Tickets (including an adult companion ticket) to experience the magic of our Wishes Interactive Experience show or another one of our magical shows.


With the Together We Shine event, we're aiming to reach and positively impact 900-1000 children in 2024.


How You Can Help:

  • Spread the word! Share our Together We Shine initiative with your friends and family.

  • Attend the our shows: Every ticket purchase supports Together We Shine.

  • Become a Wish Partner: In each city, we partner with local organizations to help us identify and connect with deserving children. Interested organizations can contact us for more information.

  • Become a Sponsor: Make a direct impact and help us offer the gift of magic to more children! We offer sponsorship opportunities for Wishes! Together We Shine, as well as our other shows like Playtime Pals, Villains!, and Santa's Surprise. Contact us for sponsorship details and let's make memories that last a lifetime, together!


Together, we can make a difference!


#TogetherWeShine #Wishes #MakeAMagicMemory


Note: The term "special needs" refers to children who have developmental delays, physical or mental disabilities, or chronic health conditions that require additional support in order to learn, function, and participate in daily life activities. Every child is unique, and their specific needs will vary depending on their individual circumstances.

Click below for Sponsorship Forms or Paricipation Forms


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